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Charter schools are open-enrollment, public schools of choice. Students may attend any charter school in the state and are not limited by zip code. Charter schools are independent, tuition free and open to ALL students. Charter schools are accountable for both academic results and fiscal practices. Charter schools allow all families increased options in public education.


The mission of the New Hampshire Alliance for Public Charter Schools is to improve student achievement by supporting New Hampshire’s charter schools, and advance opportunities for innovation and collaboration among New Hampshire public schools and expand high-quality public school choice.


The vision of the New Hampshire Alliance for Public Charter Schools if for all New Hampshire students to have equal access to high-quality, public school options.

Parent Feedback

If your child currently attends a New Hampshire charter school we want to hear from you! Tell us about your experience and how your child has benefited from this new option in public education.

Legislative History

View our interactive timeline to examine all bills related to public charter schools.


Click here to read our New Hampshire specific FAQ and learn more about our public charter schools.

Join the Charter School Action Network!

The New Hampshire Alliance for Public Charter Schools (NHAPCS), is a non-profit, non-partisan organization that brings together parents, teachers, students, school leaders and supporters who all share a common goal: to improve the quality of public education by ensuring access to and strengthening charter schools throughout the state.

NHAPCS works closely with our partner the NH Alliance Charter School Action Network. Together we harness the power of our community to support New Hampshire students and defend their access to these important public programs.

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