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We are an experienced, membership-based, professional organization working in support of NH’s Public Charter Schools.

NHAPCS is recognized by state and national charter school leaders as New Hampshire’s nonprofit Charter Support Organization (CSO).

  • We offer peer-to-peer support for Charter School Administrators and Boards. 
  • We work with experts in the field and host discussions and workshops for members
  • We advocate for the NH Charter Community by:
    • Communicating with one voice to the NH Department of Education and the State Legislature about our concerns and needs.
    • Keeping our members informed on pending legislation, news, and media pieces that could positively or negatively impact our work. 
    • Sharing the important work being done by member schools with the public and media.
    • We promote and defend student access to high-quality, public charter schools in New Hampshire.
    • We support positive improvements to charter school policies and laws.
    • We educate state and national leaders on the benefits of our innovative public schools.

Please visit the About Us section for more information.

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