Academy for Science and Design Charter School – Nashua

The Academy for Science and Design (ASD) is New Hampshire’s largest STEM-focused chartered public school and enrolls students in grades 5-12. ASD is committed to educating the science and technology leaders of tomorrow by fostering an environment that inspires, nurtures, and challenges every student; cultivating their individual abilities to lead advancements in science and technology, as well as thoughtful, compassionate, and engaged citizens.

Cocheco Academy of The Arts Charter School – Dover

Focus on performance and visual arts, grades 9-12 Cocheco Academy of The Arts (CATA) Charter School provides excellence in secondary education in fundamental academics, performing arts, fine arts and technology related to the Arts.

Compass Classical Academy: A Public Charter School – Franklin

Compass Classical Academy provided a safe learning environment for grades K-10 designed to instill integrity, good citizenship, compassion and confidence in each child; to promote a caring community of students, highly trained educators and administrators, along with involved parents; and, provides a high-quality education that is thought provoking, coherent, meaningful and engaging.

CSI Charter School – Penacook

CSI Charter School serves high school students (age 17-21) who are disengaged, have dropped out or have experienced life changing events who would benefit from an individualized program that meets their needs. The CSI Charter School uses academic competencies and work-based skills as the entry point for developing an individualized plan for each student which meets essential academic and work place competencies. Technology and integrated units help promote student interest, meet high academic standards and provide authentic opportunities to demonstrate competency.

Gate City Charter School for the Arts – Merrimack

Gate City Charter School for the  Arts uses an arts-integrated curriculum to educate all interested students in grades K-8, to produce graduates who excel in both academics and the arts and have the knowledge, creativity and inquisitive nature that foster a life-long love of learning.

Gathering Waters Chartered Public School – Keene, Opening 2021

Gathering Waters is a grade 1-12 school community, cultivating lifelong capacities for creativity, critical thinking, compassionate moral strength, and purposeful action.

Granite State Arts Academy: A Public Chartered School – Salem

Granite State Arts Academy will nurture creative thinkers, active citizens and independent learners with a curriculum that integrates the Arts and academics (grades 9-12).

Great Bay Charter School – Exeter

Great Bay Charter School provides an alternative approach for educating students in grades 6-12 by emphasizing project-based learning in a smaller, flexible, supportive learning environment. A strong emphasis on writing across the curriculum and deliberate interdisciplinary connections among curriculum areas allow students to make logical connections and transfer knowledge among disciplines.

Great Bay Charter School utilizes a strong faculty advisory program to ensure that all students have a significant adult monitoring their progress in addition to their teachers. While some “online” or web-based learning programs are utilized to supplement the core class experience, the school emphasizes an active classroom-based environment, a strong school community, and connections of students with their school through meaningful interactions among students and between students and their teachers.

Heartwood Public Charter School – Lancaster, opening 2021

Holistic education, grades K-8 by full capacity. At Heartwood Public Charter School our students learn beyond classroom walls, cultivating a love for learning and exploring academics within meaningful contexts. We utilize a Place-based education model, providing opportunities for our students to build valuable relationships within our community—through service, nature, experiential learning, and an integrated curriculum.

Kreiva Academy Public Charter School – Manchester

Vision: Kreiva Academy Public Charter School inspires students with a personalized education that fosters self-awareness, adaptability, and the courage to reach beyond their perceived limits. The knowledge, abilities, and global understanding students acquire prepares them to be successful in their ever changing future.

LEAF Charter School – Alstead

The LEAF Charter School provides expanded educational opportunities for all students (grades 9-12), through an intellectually rigorous STEAM (Science-Technology-Engineering-Arts-Math) curriculum and strong partnerships with creative professionals. The LEAF Charter School students will graduate prepared for 21st century careers and communities. The school name embodies the major tenets of the charter:

Ledyard Charter School – Lebanon

Ledyard Charter School (LCS) is a non-profit, public charter high school of choice for students in the State of New Hampshire. The primary purpose of LCS is to offer students whom have faced challenges in a traditional high school setting an individualized alternative educational program. We actively engage students in a robust personalized course of study, the application of 21st century concepts, skills and dispositions to real-world problems, the authentic performance of mastered competencies, and meaningful relationships with the adult community through personal advisors, mentors, apprenticeships and hands-on service learning.

Making Community Connections (MC2) Charter School – Monadnock

Making Community Connections Charter School serves the Monadnock region of the state. Students will graduate as stewards of the public global world with the will, skill, capacity and knowledge to contribute to the greater good and are ready for college, career and life.

MicroSociety Academy Charter School – Nashua

A K-8 chartered public school empowering students to acquire the heart, knowledge, and skills for thriving in a 21st century global society by collaboratively creating and operating their own school-based “MicroSociety” – a microcosm of the real world.

Within this environment students will be taught developmentally appropriate, research-based, innovative, technology – infused learning strategies that they will apply daily during the course of creating and operating the agencies and ventures of their own school-based “MicroSociety” – a microcosm of the real world. Students will be encouraged to take responsibility for their learning and excel at their own pace, as they work to attain proficiency in competency-based learning, as well as social, cognitive, and life skills.

Mill Falls Charter School – Manchester

New Hampshire’s first public Montessori school, grades K-6, Mill Falls Charter School brings together children of all backgrounds and learning styles in mixed-age classrooms that merge the Common Core Curriculum with the individualized and academically integrated Montessori approach. Students’ emotional and social growth is cultivated along-side their academic achievement in an inclusive and diverse public school setting. Mill Falls Montessori Program: Building better citizens one lesson at a time.

Mountain Village Charter School – Plymouth

A 1st-8th grade Nature-based, Montessori school that engages students in experiences that integrate natural environments with the Montessori curriculum, igniting achievement in academic, social-emotional and physical development.

Next Charter School – Derry

Next Charter School meets the needs of students not fully served within a traditional high school and employs a system of instructional and assessment practices that values competency, inquiry, flexibility, and the social nature of learning so that all students will graduate and initiate post-secondary learning options.

North Country Charter Academy – Littleton & Lancaster

North Country Charter Academy is designed to provide a learning environment for students who benefit from a non-traditional high school setting. Students who are, or may be, at risk of dropping out are provided an educational setting in which they can succeed in their pursuit of a high school diploma. NCCA serves students in grades 7-12 and enrolls up to 60 students in two centers divided into morning and afternoon sessions. Each session consists of two teachers with a maximum of 15 students. While the credits that are needed will be earned, students’ learning activities do not reflect a traditional school syllabus, but are structured and competency based at an 80% completion rate, while still focusing on individualization based on the students’ academic level. In addition to the online, web-based curriculum and universal by design practices, students participate in offline activities, project-community based learning events, which enhance the charter school’s focus on rigor, relevancy and real word learning.

Northeast Woodland Chartered Public School – Conway

Our mission at Northeast Woodland Charter School is to awaken children to the wonder and joy of learning through nature combined with the living arts, academics, and the role these elements play in the development of the whole child. Our school will nurture creativity, individuality, and independent thinking to inspire and prepare children to pursue educational excellence and enter their community and the world with confidence, competence and compassion. By addressing their heads, hands and hearts, the school will encourage students to be lifelong learners and contributors to their communities and society as a whole.

PACE Career Academy Charter School – Pembroke

PACE Career Academy is dedicated to supporting students to partner in the design of their personal growth, academic and career paths with a goal of becoming an essential part of their community and family. The school uses state of the art technology, career internships and individualized independent study courses to allow students to work at their own pace towards high school graduation while becoming skilled workers and active community members. The school’s goal is for every student to graduate from PACE
Career Academy ready to enter the workforce or pursue higher education.

Polaris Charter School – Manchester

Polaris Charter School is designed for intellectually curious children from six (6) to eleven (11) years old. Students are placed in multi-age classrooms designed to foster a joyful and exciting learning community. Program highlights include inquiry-based, project-oriented and inter-disciplinary curriculum. Students develop the ability to communicate effectively, work collaboratively, think critically, and excel academically. The combination of personal learning plans, the development of social and emotional skills and a “move-on-when-ready” approach instills a positive attitude about future studies and ensure students are well-prepared for the challenges of an ever-changing world.

Robert Frost Charter School – Conway

Robert Frost Charter School, a Montessori tradition, grades K-8 in multi-age classrooms, creates life-long learners by providing an intellectually rich and challenging experience delivered through the combination of the Montessori tradition and project-based learning. In a safe and peaceful setting, dedicated educators foster students’ individuality, creativity and critical-thinking skills to fully prepare them for future scholastic, civic and personal success.

Seacoast Charter School – Dover

Seacoast Charter School provides excellence in core academics and the Arts while cultivating the individual qualities and strengths of each child. Opportunities for creative expression and independent thinking are an integral part of their rigorous academic program. The combination of challenging intellectual and artistic endeavors develops the students’ hearts and minds and enables them to live more fully in the world.

Spark Academy of Advanced Technologies – Manchester

Located on the campus of Manchester Community College, Spark Academy of Advanced Technologies offers a 9-12 curriculum to provide our students with a high school diploma that meets or exceeds New Hampshire requirements while building a foundation for certification in technical fields and trades. Upon graduation, Spark students will be able to move directly on to technical careers and may potentially complete an associate’s degree through Manchester Community College. Our integrated humanities curriculum provides a a unified approach to the study of civilization to complement technical proficiency.

Strong Foundations Charter School – Pembroke

Strong Foundations Charter School (SFCS) serves grades R, 1-8. A rich, challenging curriculum and a focus on early literacy using the Orton-Gillingham approach define the academic curriculum.

Technology is integrated into the day at Strong Foundations. Students have access to 1:1 computing using iPads or Chromebooks for research, word processing, and skills practice. Student-safe internet filters and a powerful network create a school-friendly internet environment. Every classroom has a projection system that teachers can use for whole-group instruction.

The cornerstone of Strong Foundations’ approach to building reading decoding skills is the Orton-Gillingham approach. Once thought to be limited to a specialized segment of the student population, its effectiveness has been demonstrated across all student populations. Orton-Gillingham (O.G.) promotes direct instruction in the structure of the English language for reading and spelling. At the early levels, teachers use O.G. to teach basic sound-symbol relationships of English. At more advanced levels, students are taught morphology, including prefixes, suffixes, and Greek and Latin roots as well as all the spelling rules.

Surry Village Charter School – Surry Village

Surry Village Charter School is an elementary charter school serving grades K–8 in the Monadnock region of New Hampshire. Surry Village Charter School (SVCS) is a project based school that provides an engaging and challenging education. Students will be academically and socially prepared to meet the demands of further education while maturing into productive and caring adults with a lifelong passion for learning. Music and the arts are integrated into the curriculum. SVCS seeks to foster the development of individuals and their connection to communities of the school, the region, the world, and the natural environment. This is achieved through the development and implementation of a social curriculum, project-based learning and place/community-based learning.

The Birches Academy of Academics & Art: A Public Charter School – Salem

As a K-8 charter school, The mission of The Birches Academy is to cultivate a learning community that promotes excellence in core academics and the arts while valuing the individual qualities and strengths of each child. The Birches Academy provides a learning community that supports excellence in core academics and the Arts while cultivating the individual qualities and strengths of each child.

The Founders Academy Public Charter School – Manchester

The Founders Academy develops leaders who understand and apply the lessons of the past, demonstrate exceptional character and lead by example. The Academy recognizes the importance of balance in the development of the whole person and respects each
student’s journey.

Principled leadership is fostered by means of a curriculum of classical studies that includes analyzing the lives of great men and women of history, mining the rich classical ideals of the Western tradition, and tracing the evolution of the precious and costly idea of liberty.

Virtual Learning Academy Charter School – Exeter

The Virtual Learning Academy Charter School (VLACS) uses new and emerging distance learning technologies to provide any time any where access to a rigorous personalized education that helps students learn today, graduate tomorrow, and prepare for the future.

The educational mission of VLACS integrates the philosophy of the New Hampshire Department of Education’s Follow the Child initiative with the power of distance learning technologies. VLACS meets the needs of a wide variety of students and fosters 21st century skills such as global awareness, self-directed learning skills, information and communications technology literacy, problem-solving skills, time management, and personal responsibility.

Windham Academy Public Charter School – Windham

Windham Academy Public Charter School will focus on STEM Prep education incorporating reading and art to provide a well-rounded STREAM educational experience for its learners within a culture that incorporates the excitement of project-based learning, the satisfaction of subject mastery in areas of literacy, numeracy and social studies, and lasting values through civic understanding and personal character.