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    In this issue

    Charter School Champions 

    On May 4th the NHAPCS and members of the charter school community, held our first annual Charter School Champion Awards. Individuals from both parties were recognized for their efforts to promote charter schools as an important component of New Hampshire's public education system, for empowering parents and for making a meaningful difference in the lives of children.

    We would like to thank all of the parents, board members, volunteers and supporters who helped to make our inaugural event such a great success! Charter school champions honored

    NHDOE Competes for Federal Charter Funding
    The New Hampshire Department of Education has joined 31 other states in a national competition to secure additional funds for charter schools. The New Hampshire application requests $9.6 million in funding over a five year period. 

    If the application is successful, grant funds can be used to:

    • Fund new public schools
    • Expand grades served in charters currently open
    • Develop & implement pre-k programs
    • Fund dissemination projects designed to share what charters have learned with other public schools & LEAs, mentor new groups
    • Provide training opportunities for charter school authorizers

    The grant application received strong support and letters of recommendation from, Governor Maggie Hassan, Senator Kelly Ayotte and Congressman Frank Guinta. NHAPCS would like to thank these leaders for their support of this important public program! NHDOE competes for federal funding

    On Friday June 10th, two students at Making Community Connections (MC2) Charter School in Manchester successfully presented their Graduation Gateway Exhibition to a group of family, students, the MC2 Board, and outside panelists.  The Graduation Gateway Exhibition at MC2 is when a student presents a 45 minute defense of their learning and demonstrating preparedness for their public global world.  A panel of assessors determines if the student has met all the criteria to become a high school graduate.  Some of the requirements of the presentation are to highlight significant learning opportunities, demonstrate academic and personal growth, and provide evidence of their learning to meet proficiency.

    Grady Sullivan and Nicolas Vicente successfully defended their learning and are MC2 Manchester's most recent graduates! Grady will be pursuing a career in video game design and plans to attend NHTI in the fall.  Nicolas is going to continue to follow his passions and become a certified EMT. 

    If you have any interest in being an outside panelist for a Gateway Exhibition please e-mail Conor Sands at 

    MC2 - path to success

    Sen. Avard Explores Career Opportunities for HS Grads

    Senator Kevin Avard (Nashua), explores career opportunities in the trades for high school graduates who may choose not to attend college. The program at Maverick Career Institute offers classroom and hands-on career training for students who wish to pursue a certificate as an Electronic Systems Technician (EST). Students participate in a 10 month program which can lead to starting salaries in the $35,000 to $40,000 range.

    Sen. Avard explores career opportunities for HS grads

    GSAA Celebrates new Home!

    GSAA has a new home in Salem. Students and staff are excited about the new facility which offers many improvements including, a more efficient layout, new space for artists and a lower overall cost.

    We want to congratulate everyone at GSAA that has worked so hard to make this program a success!

    GSAA has a new home in Salem

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    "I don’t want us to become a magnet for charter schools, which I think are a drain to public education,” Alderman Ben Clemons of Ward 6 Source: 

  • May 12, 2016 11:42 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    By KIMBERLY HOUGHTON - Union Leader

    NASHUA — A proposal to offer tax breaks to charter schools in the city was narrowly rejected by aldermen on Tuesday. “I don’t want us to become a magnet for charter schools, which I think are a drain to public education,” said Alderman Ben Clemons of Ward 6. Clemons alleged that charter schools siphon money from the school district for the benefit of a few.

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    Concord, NH - The New Hampshire Center for Innovative Schools (NHCIS) and the New Hampshire Public Charter School Association (NHPCSA), have announced the merger of their two organizations, effective today.

    "For years, our groups have worked together to increase the quality and quantity of public education options available to New Hampshire students", said Matora Fiorey, Board Chair NHPCSA.

    "This alliance will enable us to share the experience and expertise of our current charter schools, with the passion and drive of a new generation of charter school applicants", said Matt Southerton, Co-Founder & Director NHCIS.

    The new organization will be called the New Hampshire Alliance for Public Charter Schools.

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    Anyone who thinks it’s impossible to transform a large, urban school district under democratic control has to contend with Denver Public Schools. District leaders embraced a “portfolio strategy,” of charters, choice and greater autonomy for district schools. How they transformed the district — and then stood for re-election and lived to tell about it — is the subject of  David Osborn’s latest article in Education Next.

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    By Matt Nanci Sentinel Staff

    ALSTEAD — A new Alstead charter school recently heard from the N.H. Department of Education that it’s secured crucial grant money that will allow it to open in fall 2017. And, through a contest called the Super School Project challenge, it’s in the running to win a substantial sum more.

    Over the next three years, the LEAF School will get $525,000 in federal start-up grant funds to use for expenses such as curriculum development, furniture, technology and equipment, according to Dakota Benedetto, a Fall Mountain Regional High School teacher who founded the charter school. 

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    NASHUA, N.H. —The Academy for Science and Design in Nashua received $10,000 in grants on Thursday after two groups were named best in the state in an app design challenge. 

    One team of seventh-graders designed an app called “Mind Spawn,” which allows students to earn money for their schools by correctly answering educational questions.

    Ninth-graders created “How to Adult,” an app to help young adults and recent graduates adapt to the real world. 

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    Good article by Danielle Curtis however there remains a lot of misinformation out there some of which you can see in this video.

    By Danielle Curtis, Nashua Telegraph

    CONCORD – If the state passes its budget for the next biennium without money for new charter schools, the effects would be devastating, and long-lasting.

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    By Mark Hayward, Union Leader

    "MANCHESTER - Gov. Maggie Hassan visited a Manchester charter school on Wednesday and said her plan for a casino represents a way to pay for an expansion of charter schools in the state."

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    By Gary Rayno, Union Leader

    "Charter schools and their supporters took one of the biggest hits in the House approved budget package. They haven't taken that kind of hit in a long time. Not only did the House strip out the $2.5 million in funding for new charter school...s Hassan included in her budget proposal, the House added a moratorium on any new charter schools.
    While the state board suspended applications for new schools, it did not officially declare a moratorium. The House beat back attempts to reverse those changes along with another requiring state audits every three years."

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